Make Your Prom A Night To Remember

Prom night has been am American tradition for over 100 years. It's an evening for fun, food, and friendship. You've already been brave and asked your date to the big dance. You've been careful in selecting the perfect dress or tux. You've bought the tickets. Now what? Here are some ideas to help you truly make this important event a night to remember for a lifetime.

-- Make plans now to go to the prom with a large group of friends. It can be awkward going to a big dance with someone you don't know very well: having the gang all there together can take the pressure off of everyone. Getting together as a group well ahead of the prom for a planning session is a great idea. You can get input from everyone as to where to eat, what to do afterwards, etc. You can make a to-do list and delegate responsibilities, such as making restaurant reservations way ahead of time.

-- If you have your heart set on using a limo for transportation, going as a large group will obviously greatly cut down on the costs of the rental since the bill can be split any number of ways. Riding together gets your evening off to a great start and builds the excitement. You are also guaranteed not to have car trouble, and nothing is classier than riding in style!

Meet at one person's house for an informal photo taking session before the limo comes. Going to different homes to pick up and drop off couples wastes valuable time, and it's not nearly as fun as getting together ahead of time and sharing the excitement when your fancy ride arrives.

-- Don't just make a token appearance at the actual dance, then leave. A lot of time and preparation goes into putting on a shin dig like a prom, and it's guaranteed to be fun if you give it a chance. Hate to dance? Get over it! You don't have to dance with just your date: loosen up your inhibitions and get out there in a big group and boogie en masse. It's the last time in a long time that you'll have a chance to visit with and play with all of your classmates. Enjoy the prom itself!

-- Make sure your group has planned something fun and wholesome to do after the dance. Too often, young people choose the time after prom to drink, do drugs, and engage in other illegal or unhealthy activities. Why take the chance of ruining what should be a carefree evening? You may want to go to a late movie or do something active (which involves a lot of laughs) like bowling or miniature golfing. Local entertainment venues are well aware of when proms are, and may offer special price packages for the evening.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand and feel comfortable and confident in that gorgeous dress or tux. This is your big night: make the most of it!


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